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Holistic Practice Management Consulting Research and Content

Change the environment,
not the flower.


Since 2003, we have been the leaders in human capital and practice management for financial advisory firms. 

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Culture and career track Development

Employees want to feel connected to growth. We design cultures and career tracks aimed at the importance of engagement. The result is retention.

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growth strategies

Marketing plans solve marketing problems, not growth problems. We design growth strategies that increase both the revenue and profitability. The result is increased owners income.

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compensation incentive programs

Compensation structures drive business and personal growth. We create compensation plans that align passion and purpose to create determination. The result is motivation. 

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Training Programs

The easiest way to increase profitability of an organization is to create efficiency. We build training programs so advisory firms can do much more with less. The result is higher business valuations. 

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Organizational STrategies

Achievement of short and long term goals is critical to growth. We design organizational strategies that breed achievement. The result is high performing employees.

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leadership development

Leaders thrive when they have a mentor. We train current leaders and the next generation of leaders to make sound business decisions. The result is successors.

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partnership structures

Any business relationship is a partnership. We create win-win structures based on shared visions and values. The result is owners. 

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service model creation

What is offered to clients is the core of a business and makes the business truly unique. We innovate with advisory firms to create services that no one else has. The result is rapid, unstoppable client growth.  

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