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How a Simple Organizational Structure Redesign Will Change Many Major Advisory Firm Issues 

Originally created as a strategy to better train entry level advisors, Diamond Teams™ are a revolutionary way to organize independent advisory firms. Rather than the traditional pyramid structure with the firm owner(s) at the top, and increasingly larger layers below of senior advisors, lead advisors, and associate advisors at the bottom, picture a baseball diamond: at the top, on second base is a senior advisor (usually the firm owner or partner), on first and third bases are lead advisors, who work directly with clients; and at the bottom on home plate is an associate advisor. 

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The successful firms all designed and implemented employee programs in the same way – with four key elements all working cohesively together in one system. 

The message of our P4 research is abundantly clear: Businesses that prepare their employees to succeed, tie employee compensation to the success of the firm, create a flexible and supportive work environment, and supply the tools necessary for employees to excel at their jobs, create great employees, who in turn, create great businesses. Building a P4 company is all about owners and advisors forgetting what they’ve been taught about how to manage in the past. 

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