Angie Herbers

Does Your Advisory Firm Need a Makeover?

Does Your Advisory Firm Need a Makeover?

In my experience, some firm owners “build” their businesses similar to the way many people furnish a new house. That is, by purely random selection.

“Oh, that’s a nice couch, let’s buy it.” “And I like that dining room set, it reminds me of my mother’s.” “And look at that rug, it’s it beautiful!” “What about those paintings; I’m sure could find places for them.”

Herbers Named "Top 25 Most Influential" for the Fifth Time

Herbers Named "Top 25 Most Influential" for the Fifth Time

Herbers & Co. founder Angie Herbers wins “Top 25 Most Influential” in the advisory industry for the fifth time. There are many great people, doing great things for the advisory industry included on the list. We congratulate all winners!

Rate of Change = Growth Rate. Want to grow? Change.

Ask yourself if you really want to grow your business. The rate at which you change equals the rate at which you grow. If you are not evolving and changing each day, growing your advisory firm becomes harder than it needs to be. Embrace the change within your firm and reinvent yourself every chance you get. Here’s how.

Time Saving Tips to Running a Better Advisory Firm

Forget what you hear about fancy systems that claim to gain you more time. The best time you can spend is committing to your decisions, communicating better with others and surrounding yourself with people who can help you. There is no need to build your business alone.

The Value of Independent Consulting Advice

In the advisory business, conflicts can arise from financial institutions getting into consulting. It’s worth asking questions about these relationships and how these consultants are compensated.