Two Ways to Tackle Your (Dreaded) To-Do List

Deciding what your business needs to do first doesn’t have to be painfully overwhelming.

By Angie Herbers

Advisory firm owners often hear “business consultant speak” about focus. That is, focusing on one thing in your business to move it forward. Here’s the problem: Each day, there are eight key areas of your business to manage — leadership, corporate finance, management, human capital, sales, marketing, client services and operations.

While effective operations in each of these areas is essential to business success, they also can create considerable confusion for firm owners. This is particularly so when determining what to focus on when, and how to decide what needs to be done first. Ironically, I’ve found that most firm owners already know the answers to these questions without having to look hard at each of these areas. Plus, those answers generally help owner advisors improve their focus in two different areas.