Get Real When Training New Staff


Prepare employees joining your advisory firm by giving them their job details and teaching them about your firm’s core values.

Employee training is a vital part of my work with advisory firms. It’s essential to the success of any business that employees not only know the job they are expected to do, but also are given the training to perform those jobs at the level that is expected of them. Most firm owners understand and embrace this need for training. But there is another equally important component of employee training that is often left out of most training programs: the core values of their firm, and how those values are translated into client services.


Here are the basics that every new employee needs to be taught about the firm:


1. Core values. 

To create a successful business, as well as a nice place to work, it’s important that every employee understand what the firm stands for and what’s expected of them. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate document. Simply put into writing the basic mission of your firm, the commitment to its clients, and the type of behavior that’s expected of employees and owners, alike. You might emphasize things like honesty, friendliness, cooperation, etc. And of course, talk about your commitment to your clients.