4 Things Millennial Advisors Should Know Before Joining an Older Firm


First: Remember that you are the "expert." If your new boss doesn't agree, there will be problems.

Let’s talk about the other side of adding millennials to an established advisory team: What millennials should consider when thinking about merging their existing business into an older existing firm, or simply joining one, to attract and work with more millennial clients.

If you are a millennial weighing a move, consider these steps:

1. Remember that you are the “expert.”

Unlike Generation X, who basically want to be like the baby boomers — but with better technology and cooler clothes — the millennial generation has a very different approach to life, and to financial advice.

You already know this. It’s why you created a new advisory business model to serve millennial clients: One that is based solely on “financial advice,” with no asset management, no product sales, no office visits, very low overhead, very low monthly fees, and great technology.