Comprehensive Consulting Program

Thank you for attending the Herbers & Company consulting division explore meeting today. This web page serves as an overview of what you learned, and outlines the steps you need to take to get started with us.

As we discussed by phone, our consulting division at Herbers & Company helps financial advisory firm owners and executives solve their business problems and build better, more efficient and profitable growing firms.

The results of our consulting work depends on your business goals, needs and opportunities, customized to your firm. The following are the most requested problems advisory firms ask us to solve (but we can solve a lot more than this):

  • Building growth strategies

  • Career track and culture development issues

  • Incentive compensation strategies

  • Client service experience enhancements and service model creation

  • Succession planning strategies and partnership implementation programs

  • Next generation executive leadership development programs

  • Developing future rainmakers and sales experience strategies

  • Operational strategy and experience

  • Partnership disagreements and performance issues

What decisions do you need to make to get started in our consulting?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What deliverables do I get when working with you?

We use presentations, excel spreadsheets, tools and research papers to present our recommendations and help you implement. However, the true value is in our objective business advice and recommendations. The deliverables are only used to illustrate a recommendation, help you make a decision and guide implementation.

What does a management strategy consulting firm really do?

We improve the overall performance and efficiency of your advisory business based on your goals and objectives. Us helping you solve business problems gains you more time, higher income, higher profitability and higher shareholder value. Simply put, we make you more money. Along that journey, we build you a better culture that does not depend on you and overwhelm you or the people working with you. And, most importantly, you have more time to do what you love to do.

Can’t I get this help at my custodian and/or broker dealer?

Every firm is very different. We customize our advice and recommendations specifically to you. And, we have more time to work with you. That is why we are an independent consulting firm, not affiliated with anyone. We work for you.

Does management consulting impact firm growth?

It better. If it doesn’t, it’s not worth paying for. Advisory firm’s who work with us have net new asset annual growth rates of 19-23% consistently, year-after-year. Most consulting firms don’t work with their clients over the long term. We do. As a result, we get the compounding of exponential growth rates. The industry annual growth rate averaged in the past two years less than 8%. The advisory firms who work with us, don’t settle for average.

Why do we need you?

Every business owner and executive needs an objective party helping them with their business decisions, very much like what you do for your clients. Having our firm help you, ensures you get objective, conflict-free business advice. We help you make better decisions by putting your business needs first.

What types of companies do you consult for?

For the past two decades, we have worked only with financial advisory firms. We have worked with over 1000 firms of all shapes and sizes. We have worked with start-ups to multi-billion, multi-location firms. Our consultants have worked with firms who have only one employee to firms who have 700+ employees. If you are a financial advisory firm, and you commit to help, we don’t discriminate on size. We help you.

Can you give us referrals of clients you have worked with?

We can, but we don’t. You cannot give advisory client referrals in your business because the relationship has to be built on a foundation of trust, not kudos from others. In order for our consulting to be effective, you must trust us. If you don’t trust us, we should keep talking about your needs until you do. The best chance we have in helping your firm is better communication between us, not our clients.